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Report on High Level User Group on Communication Channels
This report summarizes the results from the fourth High Level User Group of the EfficienSea2 project, which was held to recieve input on Communication Channels
Specification of protocols for ship-to-shore communication
A report on defining the on-board architecture as well as the protocols for vessel to shore communication.
Report on high level user group meeting about automated reporting
This report summarises the results from the second High Level User Group (HLUG) of the EfficienSea 2 project. The objective of the meeting was to identify possibilities and barriers for implementing e-maritime and increasing the automated flow of information related to port calls among maritime stakeholders.
Presentations from the EfficienSea2 mid-term conference: Getting connected to the future (PDF)
Here are all the presentations from our EfficienSea2 mid-term conference: Gettting connected to the future - speakers and keynote speakers, EfficienSea2 partners and external experts.
Program for the EfficienSea2 Conference: Getting connected to the future
The program for the EfficienSea2 mid-term conference: Getting connected to the future is out. Take a look, invite and share! Further detailing of the program is ongoing, this is the updated version.
Recommended onboard network architecture (2 MB) (PDF)
This report describes how the onboard systems on the ship connect to the Maritime Cloud. It includes integration architecture that combines the seamless roaming function, the Maritime Cloud Client Component (MCC), the onboard part of the Maritime Cloud (MC), and the EfficienSea2 VHF Data Exchange System (VDES).
Report on available technologies and sensors for monitoring SOx emissions (4 MB) (PDF)
This report assesses available technologies and sensors for monitoring SOx emissions with a view to supporting a new emission monitoring concept to be used by both shipowners and authorities.
EfficienSea2 project brief/leaflet (192 KB) (PDF)
A project brief about the EfficienSea2 project and the developed solutions. The leaflet is targeted at the broad maritime domain and the public.
Analysis report on emerging communication technologies (1.1 MB) (PDF)
This report describes the evaluation of communication technologies in the context of the EfficienSea2 project. The report examines which communication technologies are or will be available for e-Maritime and e-Navigation services.


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