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Workshop Report: How to run the MCP Download
Report on High Level User Group on Communication Channels
This report summarizes the results from the fourth High Level User Group of the EfficienSea2 project, which was held to recieve input on Communication Channels
Specification of protocols for ship-to-shore communication
A report on defining the on-board architecture as well as the protocols for vessel to shore communication.
Alpha release – source code and documentation of the Maritime Cloud
The software at this stage consists of software for the Maritime Cloud Identity Registry and the Maritime Cloud Service Registry. Both software components are made available as open source, however under different licenses.
Prototype ‘ArcticWeb self organised emergency response capabilities’ tool
The SAR Tool is building on promising results from development and tests conducted during the EfficienSea and ACCSEAS projects and has been developed, assessed and implemented in ArcticWeb in close cooperation between EfficienSea 2 and the Nordic Council of Ministers flagship project ‘ArcticWeb’.
Report on “Comfort Zone”
This report is focused on the concept of a "comfort zone" meaning the distance two ships will prefer to stay apart. It is a deliverable in the EfficienSea2 Project and introduces the term "normal zone", which is the contour line between the area where it is normal to pass and the area where it is abnormal to pass for a vessel.
Operational METOC service and Operational Ice Chart service
This report is a combination of two deliverables in the EfficienSea2 Project: the METOC service and the Ice Chart Service. It describes the two operational services on a technical level.
Report on high level user group meeting about automated reporting
This report summarises the results from the second High Level User Group (HLUG) of the EfficienSea 2 project. The objective of the meeting was to identify possibilities and barriers for implementing e-maritime and increasing the automated flow of information related to port calls among maritime stakeholders.
Recommended onboard network architecture (2 MB) (PDF)
This report describes how the onboard systems on the ship connect to the Maritime Cloud. It includes integration architecture that combines the seamless roaming function, the Maritime Cloud Client Component (MCC), the onboard part of the Maritime Cloud (MC), and the EfficienSea2 VHF Data Exchange System (VDES).


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