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New service developed for assessing Under Keel Clearance

A new digital test service could make it easier for mariners to assess how tidal level and weather affect their plans to pass through challenging passageways where shallow water poses a risk. Initially, for testing purposes, the service covers the Sound between Sweden and Denmark.

Regional route sharing made possible in the Baltic Sea

Maritime digitalization carried out in the European project EfficienSea2 has enabled effective route sharing between different VTS systems in the Baltic Sea. It has the potential to drastically cut the reporting effort for the ship’s crew, while offering authorities a better ability to ensure safe traffic at sea.

IALA Council adopts guideline for digital services

At its 65th session, the IALA Council adopted a new specification guideline for digital services in the maritime domain. Based on input from EfficienSea2, the new guideline will help ensure that the best digital solutions work across different oceans and different equipment.

Workshop concludes: MCP to tackle barriers

Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP) will be a platform for new business opportunities through an introduction of standards and interoperability. Also, support from international organisations is crucial, a workshop dedicated to MCP concluded.

EfficienSea2 Announces Final Conference

The EU funded project EfficienSea2, working to boost digital data exchange in the maritime domain, has announced that they will host a final conference in Copenhagen on 5-6 April 2018. The conference will give the participants a chance to gain insights into the future of e-Navigation and digital shipping.

EfficienSea2 Aims to boost data exchange in the maritime domain through more harmonisation.

EfficienSea2 supports IMO harmonization work

A number of partners in EfficienSea2 spent last week supporting the IMO’s and the IHO’s work on data modelling. The ambition is to boost the use of e-Navigation and lower administrative burdens through more harmonization of standards.


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