Are you looking for presentations, reports, promotion material or related content about EfficienSea2 and our developed solutions? Here it is.

program_feature Program for the EfficienSea2 Conference: Getting connected to the future
The program for the EfficienSea2 mid-term conference: Getting connected to the future is out. Take a look, invite and share! Further detailing of the program is ongoing, this is the updated version.
SaveTheDates_flyer_preview Save-the-date-flyer for the next EfficienSea2 conference (87 KB) (PDF)
A save-the-date-flyer for our EfficienSea2 conference to be held in Copenhagen on 8-9 November 2016.
Leaflet_preview EfficienSea2 project brief/leaflet (192 KB) (PDF)
A project brief about the EfficienSea2 project and the developed solutions. The leaflet is targeted at the broad maritime domain and the public.
preview-1 EfficienSea2 project presentation (2.206 KB) (PDF)
This presentation describes the EfficienSea2 project in words and images. Get to know the aim of the project, targeted challenges, and the developed solutions. Use the presentation to convince others of the value of the EfficienSea2 solutions.
MC_film_preview The Maritime Cloud movie (watch it!)
A short movie that communicates the benefits and use of the Maritime Cloud and the reasons for creating it. Duration of 03:38 minutes.


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