Participate in Arctic SAR Simulations

The ArcticWeb is a web based platform that is being further developed in the EU project Efficiensea 2. The main objective is to improve maritime safety in the Arctic. Help us improve it by participating in the simulations.


The ArcticWeb will allow vessels to coordinate a SAR operation by exchanging vital information through the ArcticWeb platform, including calculating search patterns for all participating vessels, visualization and exchange of search patterns and visualization of already searched areas. A SAR scenario in the arctic could be very complicated, due to the lack of resources available possibly limiting an instant response. This will require that each vessel operating in Arctic waters needs additional lifesaving appliances in order to expand the survival capability as assistance could take longer time than expected. In order to improve an instant response when lacking MRCC SAR organizing capability, the ArcticWeb includes means of a self-organizing emergency response functionality.

Other functionalities of the ArcticWeb:

  • Share live position directly with other stakeholder, rather than through delayed Satellite AIS
  • Crowd sourcing of information regarding iceberg, thickness etc through the Maritime Cloud.
  • Increased situational awareness

Study Description

  • The objective of this study is to develop new e-navigation solutions including the ArcticWeb.
  • The study will take place in a bridge simulator and will simulate a cargo vessel navigating in waters off Greenland
  • You will be operating in a polar area and responding to challenges with ice navigation and SAR. Experience with SAR exercises and ice navigation would be an asset to participate in the study.
  • The study will be video- and audio-recorded. The collected data will be stored, consulted, analysed and utilized for publications, presentations and educational events, and marketing processes, for the purpose of the project and for research at Chalmers University of Technology. We warrant that your performance will be treated anomymously and ethically.

When and Where

The study will take place between August 15th – 18th at Chalmers University of Technology, Lindholmen Campus, Hörselgången 4, SE-417 56 Gothenburg.

Length of Participation

We need you for at least two of the four days, but we would prefer if you can attend all four days.


1600 SEK per day (excluding tax requirements)

Conditions to apply

• You need to be over 18 years old.
• The study will be done in English.
• You should have experience from ice navigation or with operations in polar areas.
• Minimum requirements for Certificate of Competency: Officer of the Watch (Deck), Unlimited.
• In the application form, please provide all your available dates and requested personal information. In return you will receive detailed information in a personal invitation.

Apply here:


Contact Karin Nodin, Administrative Assistant, on or +46702-338646