The Maritime Cloud is ready for the first services

The EfficienSea2 communication framework, the Maritime Cloud, has now reached a maturity level where services can specify against it. In other words, the first version of the Maritime Cloud service specifications is ready.


This week nearly 100 partners from EfficienSea2 and the STM Validation project met in Copenhagen for a work meeting to understand how digital service providers can utilise the Maritime Cloud and what it takes to become part of the framework.

Service specifications and identity management were among the key issues as tech companies, authorities and research institutes considered how to best make services and framework meet.

The first generation of digital services that will be added to the Maritime Cloud is from the two EU-funded projects EfficienSea2 and the STM Validation project.

In November this year, the Maritime Cloud will open up for the addition of other service providers to the service registry. This will take place at the EfficienSea2 conference – Getting connected to the future – to be held on 8-9 November 2016.

E2 GA 2016