EfficienSea2 Announces Final Conference

The EU funded project EfficienSea2, working to boost digital data exchange in the maritime domain, has announced that they will host a final conference in Copenhagen on 5-6 April 2018. The conference will give the participants a chance to gain insights into the future of e-Navigation and digital shipping.

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In roughly six months the European project EfficienSea2 will have completed its work to ‘create and implement innovative and smart solutions for efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at sea’. Therefore, the 32 partners behind the project have announced that they will showcase their results during a conference in Copenhagen on 5-6 April 2018.

The results include more than fifteen new or improved maritime services, the web-based platform BalticWeb for displaying them on tablets or computers, work on the so-called VHF Data Exchange System (VDES) and the centrepiece of the project: The Maritime Connectivity Platform (MCP) – formerly known as the Maritime Cloud.

According to Christopher Saarnak, Project Leader and a Senior Adviser at the Danish Maritime Authority, the conference will be a mix between real-life demonstrations, forward-looking ideas and presentations on innovative maritime solutions:

“We are proud about everything achieved during the last three years and we look forward to sharing it with as many stakeholders as possible. Our project has been heavy on development, so the most tangible results will all be materialising in the coming months. It’s going to be very exciting in April,” says Christopher Saarnak.

Passing the Torch

The theme for the conference in Copenhagen will be how the project results will materialise in the years to come. Questions such as ‘who will take over from here’ and ‘which solutions are already mature enough for the industry to benefit from’ will be answered, explains Christopher Saarnak:

“Some of our solutions are already operational and more will be so by April. Others, however, will ask for continued efforts in the years to come. At the conference we will bring forth new ideas, ambitious plans and concrete agreements for how to ensure that MCP, the BalticWeb and our many services will live up to the potential in the years to come,” he says.

On top of the digital infrastructure built and tested within the EfficienSea2 project, the partners have been heavily involved in standardisation work in regards to digital data exchange in the maritime domain. The status of that work will also feature prominently on 5-6 April in Copenhagen.

Read the details and register for EfficienSea2’s final conference on the project’s website