Global partners highlight the benefits of the Maritime Cloud

At the ‘e-Navigation Underway International 2017’ conference, the prospects and benefits of the Maritime Cloud were presented by South Korean partners and EfficienSea2.

At the very beginning of his presentation, Dr. Jin Hyoung Park from the Korean Smart Navigation Project made it clear to his audience where he wanted to go with his presentation at the e-Navigation Underway International conference:

“We would like to propose something that is really advantageous to the users and stakeholders,” he said about the aim of the Maritime Cloud.

He was there representing the Korean Smart Navigation project and its role in developing the Maritime Cloud. As one of three major projects involved with the Maritime Cloud – the others being EfficienSea2 and the European project STM Validation – he gave a joint presentation focusing on the benefits of the Maritime Cloud.

“e-Navigation is all about the exchange of information between ships and shore and between the participants in the maritime community, so connection is very important. Getting connected is the slogan from the EfficienSea2 project,” Dr. Park said and added:

“By using the Maritime Cloud you can get better connection for e-Navigation and that is the most important”.

Benefits that revolutionise the maritime world 

Dr. Park gave a presentation strongly focused on the benefits achievable with the Maritime Cloud. One of those benefits is the single-point access which the Maritime Cloud offers to shipowners when finding new services or sharing data between ships and/or shore.

Another one is the one-point access it offers to service providers planning to provide data in a smarter way than is currently possible:

“The future innovating services will embrace many different data-streams in order to revolutionise the maritime world. Those access points can be found through the Maritime Cloud,” Dr. Park said.

Other important benefits include strong cyber security at low costs, increased inter-operability between new services and bridge equipment. Browse through the benefits proposed by Dr. Park in the slider below.

Ten benefits presented by Dr. Park at the conference

Governance of the Maritime Cloud

While Dr. Park focused on the benefits of the Maritime Cloud, EfficienSea2’s Project Manager, Thomas Christensen, gave some insights into the future of the Maritime Cloud. Thomas Christensen started by explaining the importance of having global collaboration between two European projects and a South Korean one:

“We are all using the same communications framework [the Maritime Cloud] and it is unique to have us all come together and utilize the same framework for achieving success. I hope it will lead to it becoming a de-facto standard for e-Navigation,” he said and explained what future developments could look like.

Currently, the coordination takes place in the Maritime Cloud Development Forum with members from all three projects involved. In the future, Thomas Christensen hopes to see the coordination role move up to a group of organisations rather than being governed by different representatives from the projects involved.

“I think the obvious solution would be to have it running at a central place and then have a governance body represented by all the stakeholders that are using and benefitting from the Maritime Cloud,” he said referring to organisations such as IALA, CIRM, BIMCO, IHO and other international organisations.