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8-9 Nov 2016: Conference – Getting connected to the future

The smart and realisable e-Navigation solutions that we develop at EfficienSea2 are of great benefit to the maritime industry. They provide secure and reliable information exchange and identity management, save shipping companies time and money in numerous ways and help commercial actors gain market shares.


If you work within the maritime domain and in particular within the maritime industry, you are invited to our first major EfficienSea2 mid-term conference. The conference is our first opportunity to show the world how far we have come with making our innovative solutions and demonstrate how they create value to the shipping industry.

In short, EfficienSea2 develops innovative and smart solutions for efficient, safe and sustainable traffic at sea through improved connectivity for ships. We take e-Navigation from testbeds to real-life implementation. Standing on the shoulders of previous e-Navigation projects and based on contemporary and novel technology, we create the first generation of a coherent e-Navigation solution that provides you with:

  • Standardised safety- and efficiency-boosting end user services that reduce the risk of accidents and increase efficiency, which save you time and money and help you gain market shares
  • Web-based platforms that make services easily available, whereas novel communication channels ensure seamless and cost-effective roaming
  • The ground-breaking Maritime Cloud framework – the innovation centrepiece of EfficienSea2 – that enables efficient, secure and reliable information exchange in and around the maritime sector, including identity management and service registration

Through global collaboration, use of open software and an explicit aim for standardised solutions, EfficienSea2 is paving the way for global roll-out of e-Navigation. Read more about our solutions here.

At the conference it will be possible to shape and discuss the future solutions with us! We strive for maximum impact and end user value.

The program includes presenters, delegates and moderators at a high international level, who prefer to show and demonstrate the value of our EfficienSea2 solutions, rather than just talk about it. Download the program here.

Find the conference presentations here.

If you want to see photos from the conference, take a look here.